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We will handle all of your incoming calls. If you need to call leads, we can handle that also. When a potential client calls your business and has to leave a voicemail it is not a good first impression. Callers feel more comfortable speaking to a LIVE person.

STOP spending all day answering the telephone, we will do it for you!!!


24/7 Availability

A Girl Friday Assistant is available to answer calls for your business whenever you like, including after-hours, holidays and on-demand.

Message Taking

We will answer your phone calls so that your customers are not going to your voicemail without speaking to someone first. 


Live Call Transfer

We can patch calls through to you and your team. Upon setting up services with us you wil give us all of the details on how you want your calls to be handled.

Scheduling Appointments

With timely reminders and appointment scheduling services, we can help make your business run smoothly. Leave it to us to remind your clients about their upcoming appointments. Your sole focus should be your business, we can handle the rest. 

After Hours Answering

Enjoy 24/7 cover for your business. Whenever your customers call, we will be there to answer no matter what time of the day or night. We also offer holiday hours. You would be surprised how many new clients we received on a holiday.

Bilingual Agents

Increase the reach in your business by having bilingual agents working for your company. Ensure more of your callers reach a professional and caring voice the first time they call your office.

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