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* Attorneys

* Contractors

* Education

* Financial

* Fitness

* Franchises

* Government

* Hospitality

* Information Technology

* Marketing & Advertising

* Medical Facilities

* Non-Profits

* Property Management

* Salons and Spas

* Small Business

* Transportation

* Telecommunications

* Utility Companies

...and Many More!


Are the phones answered in my Company Name?

Yes! We will discuss a script with you when you sign up and our LIVE agents will answer the phone accordingly. 

How do I forward my phone lines?

Check with your phone company to make sure you have call forwarding, if so just dial *72 followed by the number we will give you to forward your calls to. 

Do I have to purchase any hardware or equipment?

No! Just forward your calls and we will handle the rest.

How long does it take to set up my account?

Accounts can be set up in 24 hours depending on the complexity of the account. Rush services are available for an additional cost.

Where are our call answered?

We are a US based company so all of your calls will be answered locally.

Is this a long term contract?

No! We only provide month to month services so you can cancel at any time.

How will I receive my messages?

All messages can be sent to you via email, text or you can call in to retrieve them. 

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